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Role play

One of the tough things about making your way in the style world as a guy is the paucity of role models from which to take your lead. So many possible options abound – Kanye West and Andre 3000 to name a couple – but these tend to require you to adopt a rather fearless and financially incautious attitude towards your clothes.

However, I spotted in the press today that a new figure has emerged that has given me food for thought. Patrick Robinson is becoming something of a celebrity across the Pond for his work in bringing a new focus to the classic stylings at Gap.

While reports of his desire to make the brand ‘super cool’ again must inevitably be taken with a pinch of salt, I very much welcome Mr Robinson’s attempts to show that well-designed basics can hold their own on the fashion stage and be celebrated as a real alternative to your standard catwalk nonsense.

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Cold snap

Well the nights are well and truly drawing in now, and you can feel in the air that winter is upon us. What better time, then, to try your hand at layering and accessorising to boost your party season style credentials?


Photo: Irum Shahid

Layering is something guys have always had issues with. What’s wrong with the basic approach of T-shirt for warm weather, jumper for cold weather? Well, my view is that if the British climate is anything to go by, it’s never normally that simple, and experimenting with the possibilities of pairing a slim-fit T with a lighter-weight sweater (merino wool has the flexibility of being both thin and warm) or doubling up two long-sleeved crew necks in contrasting colours could make your wardrobe go that bit further.

Scarves also go down very well at this time of year, so long as you know how to play them. My advice is to make a feature of them – bold colours, and left exposed by an open jacket – and going with a thinner material will allow you to tie them as you would a normal tie (Half Windsor, for instance) to bring a classic edge to your outfit.

Finally, as any woman will tell you, don’t forget about the shoes. I think, in the cold and wet, a great pair of leather shoes (or boots if you’re feeling extravagant) rounds any look off perfectly, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down.


Photo: Jean Scheijen

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Collaborative skills

Hot on the heels of announcing the introduction of Hollister to London, I am pleased to report that another stylish collection which won’t have you crying over your next credit card statement is almost upon us – and it’s arriving in familiar packaging.

H&M announced a while ago that it was collaborating which Japanese whizz-kids Comme des Garcons, and the results of that collaboration will be available both in the UK (in flagship stores nationwide) and in the US (in New York, Chicago and California) from 13 November.

The collection can be viewed at on the H&M website, but essentially what to expect is a good lot of forward-thinking fashion at very reasonable high street prices. CdG’s general style is well-cut, simple clothing with a twist, and looking at the stuff that’s available we defy anybody not to latch onto at least one must-have item.

With that in mind, get there early and expect a scrum – this is one instance in which style doesn’t come that easy.


Photo: Dubes Sonego

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