Plain simple, or just plain dull?

January 22, 2009 at 5:53 pm Leave a comment

The Times has proved more thought-provoking today, as ‘Mutton dressed up as lad’ swings (if you’ll pardon the pun, those of you who read the article I’m referring to) back into town.

What is under scutiny is essentially whether plain clothes in muted colours (i.e. traditional golfwear) are a too little dull for the modern links course, but I think the question can be asked on a wider scale. In aspiring to dress more simply, are we condemning ourselves to dressing like a dullard?

I think the answer to that question has to be (unsurprisingly, given the content of this blog) no. All the article seems to be getting at is that guys normally steer clear of bright colours and stripes – as used by brands such as Original Penguin, who sell a pricey but generally stylish collection – but that such things should be embraced as part of the new man’s wardrobe.

I couldn’t agree more – in my view, simple style is not about avoiding vivid colours or patterns, but instead about avoiding garish use of them. A cherry red wool sweater (paired with blue jeans or beige cords) is the perfect tonic for a dreary winter’s day, but a bright purple T-shirt proclaiming that you are ‘Mr Lazy’ (yes, they do exist) is not.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that dressing simply doesn’t mean that you put no thought into it and just reach for the nearest white T-shirt. Instead, if you take the time to match things well, you’ll be able to make a statement with whatever your wearing, regardless of the colour.

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