I have often looked through magazines like GQ and Esquire, searching for decent style and fashion tips, only to be confronted by really expensive items of clothing that, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be seen dead in.

It got me thinking that there must be an easier and cheaper way for guys to look great, and I believe that there is – namely to embrace a simpler style, a cleaner aesthetic, through which minimal effort can yield great results.


Photo: Petr Kovar

I guess the simple pair of plimsolls pictured above capture the spirit of my approach – they’re nothing fancy, not going to to break the bank, but at the same time exude a sense of style that something five times the price might not be capable of matching. The aim of this blog is to share with my fellow man how less can really be more, how a minimalist approach can go hand-in-hand with an ethical one, and to celebrate those who have similarly made it their goal to bring a treasured simplicity to the fore.

I hope you find the site a useful tool that you can return to time and again. If you have any questions about anything you’ve read, please feel free to email me on mensfreestyle@gmail.com.

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