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Hip to be square

Apologies for the lack of posts recently – I’ve just got back from a trip to sunny Munich. Of which I feel I must mention: the German male’s reputation for poor dress sense is, in a large number of cases, completely unwarranted.

I was particularly impressed with the proliferation of smart casual wear  (jeans paired with polos/shirts, accessorised with well-cut jackets and good shoes), which is perhaps indicative of the fact that Bavarians see themselves as more akin to Italians than the Germans as a whole. The confidence to dress up, albeit in quite a simple, unfussy way, gave the men of Munich an elegance that I very rarely see on the streets of London – but as this article in today’s Guardian shows, perhaps there is some latent desire amongst the English to revive their traditions of formality.

pocket square

Photo: Richard

I have to confess a love of pocket squares – not overly flamboyant ones, especially with a work suit – and I reckon they’re yet another way to add some style to an outfit with very little effort or outlay. Silk squares are often thought to be the norm, but you can get equally good results with a patterned cotton handkerchief – so don’t feel the need to keep that stalwart of gentlemen’s accessories buried out of sight.

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Cold snap

Well the nights are well and truly drawing in now, and you can feel in the air that winter is upon us. What better time, then, to try your hand at layering and accessorising to boost your party season style credentials?


Photo: Irum Shahid

Layering is something guys have always had issues with. What’s wrong with the basic approach of T-shirt for warm weather, jumper for cold weather? Well, my view is that if the British climate is anything to go by, it’s never normally that simple, and experimenting with the possibilities of pairing a slim-fit T with a lighter-weight sweater (merino wool has the flexibility of being both thin and warm) or doubling up two long-sleeved crew necks in contrasting colours could make your wardrobe go that bit further.

Scarves also go down very well at this time of year, so long as you know how to play them. My advice is to make a feature of them – bold colours, and left exposed by an open jacket – and going with a thinner material will allow you to tie them as you would a normal tie (Half Windsor, for instance) to bring a classic edge to your outfit.

Finally, as any woman will tell you, don’t forget about the shoes. I think, in the cold and wet, a great pair of leather shoes (or boots if you’re feeling extravagant) rounds any look off perfectly, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down.


Photo: Jean Scheijen

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