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Fashion weak

Is it  just me, or does everyone else wish that this fashion week nonsense was done and dusted now?


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As you might expect from the writer of a blog that prides itself on promoting simple and inexpensive style, I really can’t be doing with the ridiculousness these events bring out in people. Just look at the sort of thing conjured up by the fashion arm of supposedly mainstream high street brand Topman – pajamas, exposed legs and skirts? I mean, really?

I’m not sure it’s even the fact that the clothes are so overblown and detached from reality that bothers me. I think it’s that everyone writing about fashion knows this full well, yet bangs on breathlessly about the whole thing regardless.

The standard response is that what appears on the catwalk inevitably influences what ends up on high street rails. But I would say that – if journalists stop paying attention to all the rubbish, so will the shops. Even an ounce of common sense tells you that well-made, wearable clothes at affordable prices are the way to go, so I think the time has come for the fashionistas to start focusing their energies a little more wisely.

February 28, 2009 at 9:40 pm 1 comment

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